Getting Started on a New Website

1. Find examples that you like online.
Go online and find at least three websites that you like and want to use as inspiration for your own site. Things you may want to look for in possible inspiration sites are: site layout, site pages (home, about us, testimonials, etc.), site design (colors, aesthetic, photos, banners).

2. What is the purpose of your website?
(Examples: so people can find my office and learn about services I offer, so people can find my online publications, so I can advertise my specials, so I can sell my product/service online)

3. What do you envision the pages of your site to be?
(Examples: home, about us, services, testimonials, videos, articles, patient/client resources [articles and links], blog/ newsletter, photo gallery, contact page, FAQ, patient/client downloadable forms)

4. Do you want to have a blog and/or social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) presence?

5. Images for your site.
Start thinking about and gathering the images you want to have on your site. These can include pictures of you, your staff, your office, before/after photos, and photos of special surgeries/services/procedures you perform. They can also be videos, such as TV/ Internet ads and service/procedure videos. Having video on your site makes it rank more highly with search engines.

6. Start thinking about your site’s written content.
Do you want to write it yourself and just have our in-house editors tweak it? Would you rather give us the information and have us write it? It’s up to you.



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